Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crazy page, eh? This is how Lynn makes me feel lately. Can you believe she eggs-on her three year old sister to use some questionable language, and then when I get stern with her, she laughs at me??? Yeah, CRAZY page.... Merrill says he wants to abolish that word. I thought there would be the picture-perfect definition of that word today as we had 8 kids under 6 helping us paint hand prints on bags for primary teacher appreciation gifts. Not so with Christie the pro and her pro kids... Wish my kids were so good!
So I didn't believe the meteorologists... They haven't been quite spot on this week. I put-off some of my errands until later this afternoon, and like clockwork, right when I really get going, the storm hit. Needless to say, I turned around by the time I hit Riverdale road... 20 mph everywhere and anywhere you happen to go isn't fun. I did get groceries done! My neighbor gifts are done, credit must go to CK... their idea :)
Are you ever curious at all how much Merrill loves me? I had the craving for Pepsi, again. I should have bought it when I was shopping, but I thought, "You don't need that..." So I didn't. I started to want it bad again. He went out in one of the later waves of the storm and got it for me... I know, so sweet!

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