Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Here I am!!! 29... going on 30 weeks... How do I look? Can you tell that sleep is getting, well, not so sleep-like these days? Can you tell that two acid reducers are barely doing it for me now? Can you tell that my bones are shifting and widening (and hurting me) in preparation for this little one to make her entrance? It is all happening, and it is all awesome! (That's not sarcastic...)
I keep telling Merrill that if he knew what it felt like to have a life inside you, to feel movements, hiccups, everything... that he would want to do this over and over again. It is such a blessing that I can do this. I feel so privileged! There's nothing better than being a woman!
So here's a couple of projects I got done today... Our Pumpkin picking page (finally) thanks to some inspiration from incredibly talented Tracey Odachowski (http://traceyodachowski.blogsome.com/) and her layout in October's CK. I also got Peyton's journal done.. already started the writing inside in May... Merrill gives me a hard time. I like the spelling PEyton where he thinks it should be PAyton... Glad that I am the one who is in charge of all things her name goes on, both legal and creative. I just hope he doesn't spell it out the way he thinks it should be in her blessing...

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