Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dixon's Christmas Gift FINALLY done!!!

So I got it done! Now can you see why I've been homesick for Lake P.??? Here is my layout for the day too...

Have you ever done something, or gotten something, gone to bed and forgot about it, to wake up the next day, remember, and get excited all over again? I have had those moments too many times, especially lately. Like when I moved the couches in the basement a few weeks ago (there just wasn't enough room for four of us, one of the four being pregnant me, on the dinky love seat, a new configuration needed to be done...). I forgot all about it, woke up, and remembering that one little change made me so excited! So this morning, I got all ready for church, went out to the garage... and there it was... MY EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! A deep freezer. I plan to fill it with ice cream :).
Let me also break down all that I accomplished yesterday... maybe you'll understand how I forgot...
I burned 51 CDs for Primary Christmas gifts.
I printed and then attached 51 labels to 51 CDs.
I also labeled all 51 CDs with appropriate names for families (okay, some were left blank, future move-ins?)
I designed (nothing fancy) then printed 30 "I Am A Child Of God" labels for our teacher appreciation gifts.
I finished 5 Christmas gifts, for sisters-in-law, which I really want to post pics of... but two of them JUST MIGHT SEE...
I started Dixon's.
Finished wrapping gifts.
Bought Merrill's surprise which I might just make my own :).
Got four loads of laundry done.
And washed two loads of dishes... okay, the dishwasher gets credit for that one too.
Let me add that it was also homemade pizza night for dinner...
I can't remember if there's anything else... but believe me, you'll hear about it.
I would have posted sooner... I was done with my layout, but Ash decided to dump out two tubes of beads in two separate rooms, and I just can't leave a mess like that. Then for some reason I felt like organizing my Making Memories foam stamps...