Thursday, December 13, 2007

Right now, I really want hash browns and pancakes... I need more mint holiday M&M's. I mean NEED... Isn't it funny how pregnancy makes you crave things? Whenever I crave something, I crave it until I get the taste, and then I'm good.
Love this pic of the girls, it's grainy, but I love it.
A couple of funny stories about them and this time of the year...
Before Thanksgiving, I was planning their "big" gifts. We had decided on a dollhouse for their Barbies, more for Lynn but Ash would play too, that a friend of mine discovered at Target. I was wanting something else for Ash though. I saw the commercial for the "Rose Petal Cottage" and thought that would be perfect. Ash has been loving playing house with her Cabbage Patch newborn (last year's gift). So I talked with Merrill about it, and he told me to get what I thought, I knew how they play and what they play with best. So I hopped online, and got a great deal on both! So fast forward a week, maybe more... the same commercial comes on, while the whole fam is around the TV. I think we were watching "Elf", and the girls went nuts! "We want that! That is so cute! That would be so much fun!" Merrill says, "No way. Never. You guys will trash it and it will just take up more space." At first I thought he was kidding, trying to make them think that it wouldn't happen just so they would be that much happier on Christmas. He wasn't kidding, he was serious. I had to get his attention and very sly-like let him know that Santa had bought it. It was on it's way. He groaned, and then said that he should educate himself a little better before he tells me to go for it. So it gets even better... the other day, we are doing our Sam's Club run, you know T.P., Nesquick, ANTACID (in bulk of course)... the girls see the toy isle. They want to go down it, just to look. I'm game, the "Rose Petal Cottage" is down that way. We get to it. Ashley is so excited. She goes on and on about everything in it (got everything in it!), she wants Santa to bring it. Lynn says, "Daddy said no. we don't have any room in the playroom and he thinks we'll wreck it." Perfect! What on earth will they think and say on Christmas morning! (What will Merrill say on Christmas Eve when we are setting it all up?)
One more, and it's cute... Ashley had our "Little People" Nativity out, all lined up on the edge of the table in the living room. She was in front of them leading them in "I am a Child of God". Then she goes and gets ALL of the "Little People" we have, lines them up, and leads them all in "I am a Child of God". Soon, a cow, from the Nativity, pops up on the table and introduces himself (maybe herself...), "Hi, I am a cow." Cow goes down the line and everyone says "hi cow". Then cow takes his/her place at the end of the line, and they are all led in another round of "I am a Child of God". It goes on and on with the rest of the animals from the Nativity, each doing what cow did, but I thought it was too cute.

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