Thursday, December 27, 2007

I scrapped for the most part of the day. Jaclyn and I... it just isn't the same without Brooke :(... She's livin' it up in Disney world though, so I guess she doesn't miss us too much!

This is the pic from the day all the grand kids had with my mom back in October, the day that if some of us parents hadn't stayed there, she just might have lost it... fun day though.

After dinner tonight, I had to get after Ashley, again, about her shrill girl screaming that has been a little too much lately. So it tells you how big my tummy is getting, when she runs into it, while she is coming at me. Well, she got kind of embarrassed, when she gets gets embarrassed, she gets grumpy too, and the grumpiness led to her sticking out her tongue at me. That led to Merrill and I getting-after her, at the same time. She said, "Mom, I am so sad that you are being mean to me." I answered her with, "It makes me sad when you stick your tongue out at me." She then said this, consider it the punchline, and remember it is coming from a three year-old: "Mom, when I was a little girl, you used to be nice to me."

I got a little creative with boxes this year for Christmas. For the life of me, I couldn't find shirt boxes to wrap some of the girls' gifts in. I had made them each a new beanie and scarf to match their coats, and to help differentiate between whose was whose, I put Lynn's in a Golden Grahams box, her fav. cereal, and Ash's is a Corn Flakes box, her latest fav. So, they are opening gifts. Ash opens this gift, sees it's Corn Flakes, gets all excited and says, "I got cereal!" She threw the box aside, totally happy with it. Merrill kind of helped her out and told her to shake it. She shook it, there was no sound and he told her that it might not be cereal, she better open it. She loved the hat and scarf...

Best of all, she told me yesterday, "Mommy, I lub you poreber." Traslation: "Mommy, I love you forever."

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