Sunday, December 9, 2007

Today, Lynn actually sang with the Primary kids for the first time! There was one time that she stood on the stand with them for Mother's day, but ended up throwing a mini fit and I took her out. Today, she did it for real. I was helping the chorister by holding her pictures to help the kids, and there was Lynn, right in front of me, on the stand, singing. I had to look away from her, I was going to cry! What a milestone for her. I hope it was a pleasant enough experience that she'll do it again.
I am afraid that the prayers of of two little girls are trying to be answered or maybe it really is just my body reacting to being prego the third time around. You see, teh girls have been praying for a couple of months now, that Peyton will "come out soon so they can play with her and hold her". Last night, I started in with some minor crampiness, lower backache. I tried to explain the crampiness away, and when doesn't my back hurt now days? I slept without a problem, or disruption (awesome). I woke up this morning feeling great. After I had been up for awhile, it started again. It continued on during church. So I have my three amigos who have all have had three children or more, helping me. Christi (has done this 6 times...) is telling me, "It is your third time around." (that's how I really feel.) Julie (four...) is telling me, "My labor was never really painful, it was like dull menstrual cramps." And Jen (three...), the nurse, is telling me, "You should be okay if they go away once you relax." Aren't they awesome!
All night tonight, dull cramps, and a nice firm, Braxton Hicks between. The Braxton Hicks is usually followed-up by a hard kick or other such activity from Peyton. This is all while I am sitting on my butt, crocheting. How much more relaxed can I get?
I did get Lynn's scarf done, after going to two different craft stores last night to get more yarn. With the yarn, which I only needed a little of to finish her scarf, I made myself a cute hot pink hat too. Merrill thinks that it looks cute! I am attempting to get a third out of the rest (fingers crossed).

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