Saturday, December 22, 2007

I know how late it is... I also know that it is technically tomorrow and not today... It is still today for me, however... I started working on this at 9:30 when we put the girls to bed. But they don't stay in bed...

Busy day today. I can hardly believe that Christmas is really as close as it is. Thank heavens that I am done! Well, kind of. I still have the girls blankets to finish.

Ashley saw a picture of Evan today and asked me if "Eban" was coming over to her house to play today. They had a long day together earlier this week, well, actually two days... I told her no. She said, "I wish that Brooke would bring Eban over to play because I lub him. He's so cute." She really does "lub" him, and I think he "lubs" her too.

Lynn has some commercials memorized... Yes, too much KOSY 106.5 on... Arby's and Applebees. She has the dialog down, word for word. It is hilarious.

"It's Applebees... Get it together, Baby!"

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