Monday, December 3, 2007

I got the best compliment today. Lynn has been giving lots of kisses lately, and when you think lots, multiply that by 10... While I was scrapbooking (I got a layout done today! Well, minus pics, it's one for Peyton's book...) Lynn came up to me, gave me lots of kisses, (I just got another one) and said, "My daddy married the most beautifulest mom for me to have." So sweet!

I love having the girls love me like this! Ash has been telling me how "wonderbul" I am, because I get her drinks and make her "bood". It's good to be appreciated.

I am a little cheesy... I got in the mood to make thank you cards. Baby themed thank you cards. I am just trying to be prepared for the up and coming... Merrill laughs. I was really in the mood to do something cute. I am so excited that I got a layout done though. It's been a while.

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