Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Heeheeheehee!!!! That's not a witchy cackle, it's a laugh of satisfaction... more of a giggle really. I got my Christmas shopping done! Well, not all of it. I couldn't find one item for the girls, princess or other appropriately themed cocoa mugs, and I didn't get Merrill his temple suitcase. (Why am I so embarrassed that when we go to the temple he has a shoulder bag that says "Trips" on the side? Free gifts from your travel agent just don't seem to fit as temple luggage...) Other than that, I got stocking stuffers and gifts DONE. It does make it easy when I am buying everything times two.
It was so wonderful that Merrill ended-up not going and shopping for me. Every year his mom gets all the guys together to go to dinner and then shop for their wives. It didn't work out for tonight. At first I was kind of bummed. First of all I had to figure out what to do for dinner, my plan was to have mac and cheese with the girls... Secondly, my plans after that point, were to scrapbook, preferably with the girls. But I soon realized that Merrill being home = me being able to go out by myself and get the shopping all done.
Brooke is home! I am not in solitary anymore! I do have other people I can talk to (who I love dearly...), it's just weird going for that long without talking to her. What on earth will I do (Merrill too for that matter...) when they leave for Disneyworld???
I went over and helped at Scouts today. It was fun! I told Merrill that he and I could be Weblos leaders together, it would solve one of my problems, and we would have fun doing it! Now if they'll let the Primary President have another calling...

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