Friday, December 28, 2007

The Ongoing Chronicles of a Pregnant Woman...

So besides my three year-old running into my ever growing belly, other wacky things happen, believe it or not... Most of them take place after I have posted, when I am getting ready for bed. That's when the real gems are exposed...
Last night:
While taking off my shirt, I discover a piece of fettuccine, stuck to my undershirt, from dinner, 3 hours before... Merrill said, "That's like something Grandma would do!"
Then, while putting on Pajama bottoms, which I keep all of the drawstrings tied, for many reason, they for some reason, (could this be all of the pain I've been experiencing in the pelvic area???) won't fit over my hips. They did last week... Things are really moving around down there... February or January???

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