Saturday, December 8, 2007

Last night, prayers were interesting to say the least.
Lynn went first. Her prayer was all about her BM.
Some back information, Lynn has had difficulty in the past with BMs. It's not diet, not constipation. She thinks it will hurt, so she holds it in and puts it off. So over time, it does hurt. We haven't had any of those issues to deal with for quite a long time so last night, when she was dancing around, I assumed it was tinkle-time. She went, but the dance went on, and on, and on... I soon discovered the old problem had showed-up for one more appearance. Long story short, I sat in the bathroom with a crying Lynn for over an hour, helping her to work through it. She cried tears of joy in the end!
Then came nighttime prayers... "Heavenly Father, mom helped me to get out that big poop, and it hurt, and I cried, but mom tickled my back and held my hand and hugged me so it wouldn't hurt so bad. And please bless that tomorrow, that big poop will go away..." You can only imagine... I can't remamber all of it, I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud!
Ashley likes to go through lists of "garbage words", just about every day. Not just hints at what the words are, the ACTUAL words. I have to remind her that we shouldn't say them AT ALL. But she likes to let me know that she knows what they are, I guess. I really should be better at not laughing at her, but the way she says "ass" just cracks me up! So last night her prayer was all about not saying "garbage words". She kept with the tame ones, like: stupid, hate, kill, ugly, and poop. But I was really worried that she was going to get worse. Thank heavens her prayer finally ended.
Merrill and I had to contain the giggles during both, and then I had to get into the right frame of mind to say my prayer. (It was my turn last night.)
This morning, we took the other Grandma picture in the fancy dresses. You know, the one I referred to back in October? It went well. Trying to coordinate the 9 year-old, not a big deal, but the 6, 5, 3, almost 2, and almost 1 year-olds, not so easy. Especially when the almost 2 year-old gets a kick out of us being so excited that he is sitting still, that he runs away. So dramatic. The kids looked great, with the exception of Lynn's black eye, which inevitably had to happen three days before the big pic was going to be taken. Brooke, "the pro", awesome as she is, photo-shopped it out, you can't even tell! I thought she was going to have to photo-shop out a goose-ache too. Last night, Ash got so excited that "Elf" was on, again, that she ran to get her bean bag, over ran the bean bag, and ran right into the wall. This morning, luckily, there was nothing there. We just had the black eye to deal with, and two little girls worth of hair to fix beautifully, by 9:30 am. We were late, of course.

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