Thursday, December 3, 2009


Nope, this isn't a birthday post..  I don't even have one close to 3...  I SHOULD, but then again, by MY family plan, I should merrily be preggers with #5.
But back to 3..
It is just my number lately I guess..
It is the number of cubs that showed up to Pack Meeting the other night..  you already know how much I love that (read sarcasm), then to have 3 boys and 3 leaders show up. 
It was great.
Then there was last night..
We were enjoying another nightly holiday activity, frosting our sugar cookies, when Peyton, aka "Little Climber" named appropriately for her newly acquired skill, pushed her chair up next to Merrill and began her ascent to the counter top..
She enjoyed playing with the frosting tips and couplers for a good, long while, and then, at some point quickly thereafter, she fell.
Onto the hardwood floor.
On her right side.  (You know, the one with the arm was previously broken?)

She was acting guarded and funny with her arm.  She wouldn't reach for anything with it, not even her beloved binky, and that was when I made the decision to go to InstaCare.
That made it my 3rd trip to this particular facility.
In 3 days.
We had no wait, saw our favorite doctor (love you doctor C!!) who also happened to treat her for the buckle fracture in August, and by the time he sat down and started his evaluation, she was using it.
He guessed soft tissue damage as she didn't act like she was in pain when he squeezed it in various places.
There were no x-rays taken because too much radiation exposure to children in these developmental stages (she has had 3 x-rays in her life these past few months..) isn't good on the bones.  So he sent us with orders for x-rays, in case she acted differently today.
She hasn't.
So far, 3 still happens to be my number.
I am praying it doesn't roll over to 4.
I am questioning it though, as last night, she capped her evening of activity off with a new trip, up the chair, pushed so expertly to the counter, to get to the chocolate covered cherries Jaclyn dropped off while I was visiting the doctor's office for the 3rd time (thank you Jacks!!), and found Peyton attempting to open the box of yumminess with a steak knife..
Pray for me!! 


Ally's Corner said...

Oh my oh my!!!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Peyton sounds like a typical toddler! Luke would do that, still does, and it drives me nuts! He has gotten the scissors out numerous times and has tried to cut things, like tags off his clothes while he is wearing them!

Jamie said...

Oh wow... that is rough! Hopefully it isn't 4, but that is a hard age.

BookwormMom said...

I'm sorry about pack meeting!

I was at work, and Cole tends to get frazzled by the time he's checked on homework, and fed the kids...he forgets.

I appreciate all your hard work though!!

kdance10 said...

A steak knife yikes!! lol. Peyton is sounding a lot like Jace lately, this kid is driving me crazy he is climbing on everything, getting into EVERYTHING. We need to get together and maybe do a fun activity with the kids, and i still need to come see that new house of yours. Let me know when is good for you guys:)

Crystal said...

I only have 3 webelos in my ward. There's another 3 for you. You know "they" say bad things come in 3's. Scary for you :-) Love ya Mindy.

Bonnie said...

I had to laugh at the steak knife. Plenty of moments like that have happened around here! I will pray for you!!! Pray for me? David's new thing is getting in the refrigerator (which we have yet to successfully toddler proof, though we have tried) and playing with EGGS!!! I have found evidence of this twice, though none have broken. Maybe Ry wont have scrambled eggs for a while eh?