Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Christmas...

As I sat wrapping gifts at 3 am, early Christmas morning, I was hoping that the girls would remember this Christmas for many reasons..
Trying to make it the most memorable Christmas to date, took a lot of energy, and backfired multiple times, quite frankly.  Our "Plan B" seemed to really sink in, and had me feeling guilty, thinking that "Plan B" should have been "Plan A" the whole time.
We wanted to have all of the fun of Christmas, and still have the spiritual side, the true meaning, being taught and shared in our home.
We took away most of the emphasis on the Santa part. emphasized the spiritual.
Now don't mistake me, we ALWAYS focus on Christ, He is the main part of our Christmas, but we have fun..  we do have small children here...
I think we were successful.
As we were walking around Temple Square Tuesday night, Ashley kept saying, "Mom, I just have this word stuck in my head!  It won't leave and I just don't want to forget it...  Jesus is the reason why we have Christmas."
See, success.
That was the soundtrack to the next two days.  I was thankful to have it playing in my head during the rush, hustle and bustle of all the last minute things, especially the things that went a little wrong.  It helped to put it all into perspective.
I was most thankful for the days leading up to Christmas, reading books that tell the story of Christ's birth, not only from the view point of people, but from the animals too.  The stories of His life, all that He did.  There were books that taught us about service, loving one another, thinking more of others than your self.  I am so thankful that every night, as we read those books, I was able to share my testimony with my girls..  they also learned to understand what I was saying while emotional, quite emotional at times.
I know, even though I wasn't present, that He was born, that He lived, that He atoned for all..  He died for all that we may ALL live again.
I am so thankful for the miracle of His birth, for this time of the year when the best seems to come out of everyone..  I am thankful to be able to spend it with loved ones.

I hope your Christmas was as good as mine.


Ally's Corner said...

You're a great mom!!! Kids are listening and learning even when we don't think they are.
I have seen a lot of change in Anna this last week and I have been very please but it's been a hard road for a while!!!


Bonnie said...

Mindy I love it. You are doing it right! It is so easy to get caught up in the "hustle and bustle." Maybe if I try to focus on the person this season is all about and connect the dots: why am I doing all this for everyone; maybe I wouldn't get so drained. I received some counsel recently that told me to "find my motivation in Christ." Your blog post has helped me with that.

Julie said...

Merry Christmas. It sounds wonderful.

Courtney said...

Well said, my friend! And got my special thank you just in time. You're too awesome! Merry Christmas!