Monday, December 28, 2009

Too much thinking..

I have been doing too much thinking lately..
Planning ahead.
Goals for the new year..
A new "word" for the new year.
How to organize this and that.
The big 3-0.
Up-coming birthday for little miss P.
Valentine's day stuff..
ALL the projects I get to do now!
I realized that from the beginning of August until Christmas Eve, it has been a "go, go, GO!" mentality around here.
Getting one house all fixed up, ready for appraisalS, walk-thoroughs, and a sale.
Back to school fun.
Packing up and moving.
Moving in and getting all set up.
The big project.
Now, I can breathe, and think about a few things that I have wanted to do.
Then I will move on to more PTA stuff.  (That yearbook will be fun!)
But while doing all of this thinking, my body has been working on a project of it's own.  I woke up this morning to find a gray hair.

 I called Merrill to tell him all about it.
He wasn't impressed.
When I asked why, he replied,"You have ONE gray hair..  I have MILLIONS."
Maybe not millions, try hundreds.  It's true.
(Love you Mer!)
I tried to tell him that I am now catching up to him..  well, trying to at least.
That 3-0 is coming up, I guess I just needed a visual reminder.


anniebobannie said...

I love MINDY!!! I have been going gray since 7TH grade! I am about 75% gray these days...I color it of course, but it is not fun stuff so I sympithize with you!!!

Julie said...

I still say it could have been blond.

Ryan said...

Yes the grey hairs multiplied on my head after 30. Soon we will welcome you to the club! Old people are da bomb!!

Rachael said...

Ha ha ha... I find it funny that your worried about gray hairs, when those are so...easy to hide. What you should watch for are those CROWS FEET! Dun...dun...dun...

OH... SHOT!!! Did I just add to your list of worries. Crap, I hope another gray hair doesn't pop up after reading this.

kdance10 said...

That picture is hilarious it made me laugh so hard. When is the big 30?? I turned 30 in september and struggled:) Thank goodness for hair dye huh

Ally's Corner said...

LOL!!! That what they make hair color for!

Gary Boyle Family said...

Oh, I hear you! I'm jealous that you have only found your first one! I am up to about 10- and for some reason I just yank them out. I think the thing that is the weirdest to me is how mine are all hard and coarse and poke out all funny. (I guess for some reason I thought they would at least still be soft.)

Oh, and by the way, I asked Santa Claus to be at least HALF as crafty as Mindy Pitcher for Christmas, but I must have been a naughty girl, because I haven't experienced any strokes of genius yet. ;)

BookwormMom said...

3-0 and 1 gray hair...still a baby! I'll feel sorry when you're completely gray like me...and never for your age, cause I'll always have almost 4 years on you!


Cole now finally has a few gray hairs in his goatee, and I tease him about it a little :)

Natalie said...

Silver is sexy!!! C'mon know you're hot!