Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A different kind of fun..

It has been snowing like it should be here, and we went to have some fun in it today.
Grandma called and started a snowman making contest.  Each of us would build a snowman at our own houses, and we would receive prizes for them later.
The girls played while I shoveled (because we work, then play around here..) and I enjoyed some ibuprofen with my lunch later.
Their play wasn't exactly how I remembered having "fun" in the snow..
Lynn was attempting to get out every ride on in the garage, and take it out the un-shoveled part of the driveway.
Have you ever tired to ride a trike in 8 inches of snow?
Turns out, she really wasn't having all that much fun.
So I threw her in a snowbank.
She still wasn't having fun.
Ashley was busy burying and then rescuing the ornaments I forgot to bring inside after our Christmas card photo shoot.
It was complete with sound effects and a rather convincing script.
Peyton was trying to copy the snow angels she saw Ashley do as soon as she set foot in the snow earlier.
The only difference:  Peyton was making angels in the dirt and oil of the garage floor where Merrill parks the truck.
I finally got the shoveling done, and we started our attempt at building a snowman.
Needless to say, the snow was too powdery to pack, and there were no snowpeople rolled in my yard today.
We drew one instead.

I think we might just win the award for "flattest snowman".
But I did get some "traditional snow fun" pics...  without the snow clothes, because those got "boring".


Brooke said...

great minds think alike... mine is also flat...

Rachael said...

Sami and I were talking. I was looking at your blog, and she was about to be looking at your blog. So we have decided we are going to start a "looking at Mindy's blogs" time each day.

Sounds like fun, huh?

Please let us know what time works for you? lol

BookwormMom said...

I like the flat snowman...after all, we all come in different shapes and sizes, why should snowpeople be any different?

You should totally mix up some food color and water and make him a scarf and a hat....or sunglasses.

Ally's Corner said...

Anna is going to play in the snow on Saturday. We now have a snow park if you can believe it. It's at Stone Mtn. and yes it cost it was one of her Christmas presents. What us Georgians do for snow!!!


Bonnie said...

Good luck with the awards. I think the flat snowman is a creative way to handle the powdery snow