Thursday, December 10, 2009

The tale of the Wisemen..

After the fiasco with Christopher, I was spinning, trying to think of something else to do, to help drive home the true meaning of Christmas to the girls.
It is amazing what prayer, and living a life that makes it possible to listen to those little things we call promptings, can do to help us and to make life that much easier.
Last week, while Ashley was at pre-school, I stopped off at Deseret Book.  We have implemented a new tradition this year, a new tradition courtesy of another blogger and what she does with her family..  they have a basket of wrapped books that sits next to their tree.  Now every book is Christmas themed, some books from when she was young, others that are new classics, some that are fun, some that are religious, some that are the classic-classics..  They take turns every night, picking one out, un-wrapping it, and reading it by the tree.  I knew when I read about it last year, that I had to plan for it this year.  I began collecting books to add to the few that we already had, but only had 21.  Thus, the trip to Deseret Book.
After I collected the books, I juggled Peyton and my small stack, waiting to pay.  They have a promotion going on for this month, and the "gifts" change every week, but that day, my choice of  "gifts" was: a salt and pepper shaker set or a Nativity.
Now they really weren't gifts, they were just $3.99 with your purchase of $50 or more...  normally, I would just say "no thanks" and go on, but I LOVE Nativities, and I felt like I should get it.
It sat in my craft room closet with the other books, not completely forgotten, but put aside.
Monday night, Family Home Evening, I knew needed to be focused on the true meaning of Christmas, but I couldn't figure out how to do this without having it be like a lecture.  I was still pretty upset remember..  I know how I felt when I got those, and I was older!  My kids are young, I don't expect them to understand every aspect of what Christ's birth means to us, but they need to start, and the need to show respect. 
I will say right now, that it was no coincidence that I forgot the paint brushes on my list of errands for the original plan for Family Home Evening of painting ornaments..  no coincidence.  The focus needed to be somewhere else.
While cleaning up dinner, I remembered one of the DVDs the church sent out with the Ensign a few years ago.  "Joy to the World".  I knew it would be perfect, it would catch their attention, hold it, and teach them something.  It worked out so well..  they asked questions and we would pause the DVD and talk.
They talk about every part of the Nativity, and when they got to the wise men, a light turned on in my mind.
Thanks to another blogger (I think, I remember reading this, but can't remember where..) there was another tradition that came to mind, one that would help put the focus where it needs to be.
This family puts their Nativity up in a common place in their house, near the tree, and has the wise men somewhere else, traveling a little bit everyday, closer to the Christ child.
I had me new, unopened Nativity..
As soon as the DVD ended, I got it out and told the girls the plan.  They were so excited!
It has been nice to see them watching that, and knowing what they are moving towards..  nice focus, eh?
To top off that perfect night, we opened two books in our basket, two because I was still so upset on Sunday, we didn't open one that night..  the last one opened was one that Promise and Ken gave us years ago for Christmas.  It is titled "Christmas Eve" and tells the story of Christmas through pictures of wood carvings, scripture, and song.  We sat together, by the light of the Christmas tree, reading about that most awesome gift, singing songs together..  it was the perfect end to our night.
I also learned a lesson that night..  okay, maybe not a lesson, but one of those things that you already know, but are reminded of, and see it in a different light..
Christ was born to serve His earthly mission, to serve and to teach, to Atone for our sins, and to die.  I have had need of the healing power the Atonement has to offer in my own life, and as our Heavenly Father forgives us, I need to forgive, and not be so hard on my own kids.  We are all learning, continually.  He has been SO patient with me, I need to be patient with my own kids..

Last night, while working on stockings for the hotel, I found Peyton, with a wise man in her hand, and something in her mouth..
It was a wise man.
And his head.
Not attached to his body.
I will not assume that she cannot reach certain locations now, I will have to put them up even higher as they travel.
I hope that Gorilla glue works as well as it has on other objects in this house....


Amber said...

Hooray! I'm so glad that you've found something that will help your girls focus on the right things this Christmas! :) And I didn't mind reading it twice at all.

Julie said...

Wow, what fun ideas. Thanks for sharing.