Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We love it..
Peyton is also in love with her (hand-me-down) snow bibs.

They had a good time out there!

Peyton discovered that underneath the trampoline, there is still an oasis of grass.  She crawled to it, ten feet away from the trampoline was her starting point.  She enjoyed herself under there for a while, but then decided to leave.  Her hood ended-up getting caught on a spring, took off her hood and her beanie, so she wasn't happy.  We got her happy again, only to have some event transpire in which she began crying again, and Lynn began yelling at Ash..  so to sum it up, who knows what happened..
Lynn was so loving and helpful, she tried to carry Peyton inside, but only accomplished tripping repeatedly, with Peyton in front of her, whitewashing her poor sister with every stumble.
I am glad they both managed to survive.

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