Thursday, December 31, 2009

Funnies: End of a decade edition...

Not that I am really going to note 10 years worth of funnies, (most of which would be my own..  hehe..) but a few noted during this most busy time of the year, a time when I wasn't thinking first and foremost about blogging them.

Peyton knows who Jesus is now.
It is partly due to all the Nativities around the house and her being a little noisy in Sacrament meeting, leading to me having to take her out.  While out in the foyer enjoying a walk, she points to all the pictures hanging on the walls.  In the beginning, she would ask me, "Dis mom?"  and the answer was always "That's Jesus."
Now, instead of her asking me, she states, "Look mom!  Jesus!!"
One evening, after tithing settlement, we were walking out of the church house, through the foyer, and Peyton kept saying, "Look!!  Jesus!"
Ashley said, "Geez..  Peyton is so into Jesus lately."

Ashley also composed a new part to "Old MacDonald".
He now has underwear on his farm, and the sound it makes is: "streeetch... stttretch..."
Imagine her singing that little ditty throughout the store...  loudly.

Peyton has been enjoying watching home videos, starring her.  She thinks every baby is "Pey-don", and laughs when it is a more current version of her.  She did cry while watching her first birthday..  at first I thought it was because she felt my sadness, longing for my baby, but then I quickly realized that it was because she was so messy in the video eating her cake.  Uncleanliness disturbs her.
Last night, she woke up a few times in the night, not crying like she had the night before, but pointing to the TV asking to "watch Pey-don?"

Lynn gets into giggly moods too.  Giggly moods that don't end quickly and can be downright annoying sometimes.  She has gotten the giggles that are contagious..  we end up getting them too, and then are puzzled because we don't even know what it is that we are laughing at.
It seems that whenever we have mashed potatoes for dinner, she starts sculpting them, staring at them, and then she says, "This means something..  important.."
That just spurs a "UHF" line-off, where she and Ashley sit back and recite lines from the movie.  Merrill is proud when they do that..

But the funniest thing that Lynn has said lately, and it wasn't funny at the moment, was when my Amoxicillan caplets were found to be broken open, and the contents used as snow.
I asked her what gave her the idea.
"My brain."
"And what exactly did your brain say to you?"
Then, in this growl-ey, evil voice, (think: "red rum...") she says, "GO TAKE YOUR MOM"S PILLS!"
It was freaky.
It still is freaky now, but I can see the humor in the situation now too.

Hopefully they'll still be cranking them out this next year, without the freaky voice part.

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Ally's Corner said...

Alana says my brain also,funny.
Wishing you and your family a Happy New year!!!!!