Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another blonde moment brought to you by yours truly..

Had to share it so you could all hear the air that is hissing out of my ear.. ;)
We have a leaky spigot in the back of the house. It is a house water spigot, awesome for when the girls want to swim in their little swimming pool. Clear, untainted water is better than brown secondary water. When I say brown, I mean just that, brown, really..
But that spigot leaks, into the house, into my craft room to be more specific. I think it has to do with the plumbing behind the wall... changing a leaky seat valve.. I change those numerous times a day.
I hate changing the real kind, attached to pipes.
So to find an alternate water source, I decided that the spigot from the front of the house would be better.
One problem: the hose isn't long enough.
To get clean water to the pool, I needed a longer hose.
I talked to Merrill one day while we were out.
"Can we stop at Home Deaf-o?" (we call it Deaf-o because we rarely get help there, no matter how loud we or the children cry..)
He asked me what crazy project I had in mind and I told him there was no project, just that a longer hose was needed for the activity of swimming in clean water.
"Well, you can most certainly go and buy a longer hose if that's what you want, BUT.. you could also connect the TWO we already have to make ONE LONG hose."
Wow! Who would have thought.. hoses? Connecting?!
Not me. :)
And that there is why I married the guy.
He's quite a thinker!
I need to change my hair color. ;)


Julie said...

I don't think I would have thought of that either. Good thinking, Merrill.

Natalie said...

Here is another thing I would like to point out....if you get in your car and drive down this BIG hill over here...you can swim in a pool that ALREADY has clean water in it....Haven't we been over this already? ;)ha ha

Bonnie said...


kdance10 said...

That's funny i don't know if i would have thought of that:)
we should get our girls together and hang out i think they would have a blast