Friday, June 12, 2009

Hooray for Headbands!!

I have used this pattern a lot over the last year.
The other day, I got Peyton ready, and her ensemble.. it was just missing something..
A headband.

Merrill had to laugh at me when he called from work to see what we were up to.
"Making a headband for Pey."
"What for?"
"The outfit she's wearing today.."
"You're cooky.."
Yup, I am.
That is why I can be caught making bows and bracelets last minute..
Because I am cooky.
But Peyton seems to be the only one now who lets me doll her up. :(
The headband served it's purpose the first part of the day, but after a nap and lots of playing, it just didn't look quite the same..


Ally0005 said...

It kills me that I have two girls and they will not let me do anything to their hair. A simple bow or ribbion in Alana's hair and that is it. Anna, well it's brush and go.


kdance10 said...

Those are really cute. You seriously amaze me your always making something:)

courtneycash said...

I have me a few of these too. They're great. My eldest just wore one today.

Aartee said...

So cute!