Thursday, June 18, 2009

A remeberance..

Okay, more than one.. that's how I roll. ;)
Ashley had a remembrance when I told her to go and get her pajamas on.
"Mom! I remember that I used to have TWO nightgowns!! (As opposed to the one Hannah Montana nightgown she now owns..) One was purple with princesses and the other was blue with princesses.. I miss them! They were so beautiful and gorgeous.. I wish that when I growed, my beautiful and favorite clothes would grow too so I could always wear them!"
Oh, I would love it if they would shrink accordingly as well.. :)
Another remembrance, came to me as I watched a dear friend's daughter enter the waters of baptism this evening..
A flood of memories.. myself in white, hair braided, my dad standing on my toes to keep them from popping up.
What a wonderful memory!
I am so thankful..

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Julie said...

Thanks so much for coming. It was so nice to have you there! Glad it brought back some good memories.