Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am super-smelly after a jam-packed day that ended with a softball game that we played quite decently..
What does that mean anyway? I, personally don't "pack" jam.. I spoon it into my jars...
Anywhoo.. onto the reason I am posting..
Could it be that Peyton is just SO excited, she just can't find sleep?
She's up, right now, honking my nose.
Poking at a zit that is trying to heal.
Darn hormones..
Can you read my tiredness?
I am rambling..
Zwei is German for two.
I am finished with my second paint color..

On to number three!


kdance10 said...

Can not wait to see it:)

Six-Pack Momma said...

Oh, you like to tease, don't you?