Monday, June 22, 2009

Project mode..

The debate as to the size of our family has come to an end.
At the risk of my dear husband either going bald (he's already gray enough for both of us), working more hours to escape the massive amounts of estrogen being emitted into our home's atmosphere, and in efforts to earn enough money for the future purchasing of feminene hygeine products, training bras, then padded bras (as genetics has proven..), and three weddings with BIG poofy dresses, we are told, not to mention the fatherly worry and stress he endures through the gestational period..
I have folded.
I will wait for the millenium. :)
With the end of this debate came the dismantling of the nursery.
Merrill about died when I announced the coming activity of re-painting the nursery.
He thought it had been striped in the mauve-y tones that matched the crib bedding so perfectly for only a few months. (?!)
It's been almost 2 years.
If I am supposed to be "done" having babies, I can't see the paint everyday, that was meant just for "baby Peyton", who is not a baby anymore. I type this as she throws away garbage from her "after nap snack".. she cleans up after herself. Her favorite thing to do is to help me unload the dishwasher, put away the silverware! She has a favorite book that she brings to us to read to her multiple times throughout the day. (Merrill reminds me to take pics to post and document the cuteness of it all..)
She has been ready for a "big girl" bed for a couple of months now. We tend to put them in one as soon as they manage stairs. Life is much more pleasant that way. The other two have slept so much better once the transition was made.
So, I am painting.
My craft room re-do still has a few little touches left to it, but her room is calling to me.
Friday, I packed away the nursery things.. an afghan that I made while I was pregnant with Lynn watching endless episodes of M*A*S*H while my hands worked.. the quilt that has been on the twin bed for when the older two made their transition.. the musical carousel Jaclyn got me for Christmas the year I had Lynn.. cross-stitches, Noah's Ark EVERYTHING.. sigh..
A couple of months ago, the changing table came down.
I was teary during that task, so I thought I would fare much worse when Friday came.
I didn't do too bad.
Two moments, that's it.
One- taking the crib quilt, that mom and I made when I was pregnant with Lynn, before we even knew she was a she.. packing it away, for the first time in seven years got my eyes foggy.
Two- I think was more out of frustration than anything else. I was dismantling the crib, which has never been taken apart.. Peyton was so excited! She kept running around, giggling, patting my back and hugging me repeatedly, but despite her happiness and excitement, I couldn't get the side rails to release their grip from the brackets for the life of me!
Merrill called at the height of my frustration..
"It won't come apart.. like I am not supposed to be taking this apart.." I said.
"Oh... yes. It is most definitely supposed to come apart. I will help when I get home if it hasn't come apart yet." He reassured.
The emotion helped me get the side rails off. :)
The make-over continues.. the first coat of paint dries.
Can't wait to post pics..
We have quite the busy week ahead of us!
And surprisingly, I am okay with it all..
We are happy, after all.


Ally0005 said...

I so understand, we are done also but not because I want to be. He says we are.
All my baby stuff is gone, was so sad.


Tiffany said...

Can't wait to see the finished project! That picture of the girls and Merril is just adorable.

BookwormMom said...

So, you'll get it all done, packed away, and painted'll be so happy with it...
(don't tell Merrill this next part)
..and then the Lord will decide to throw a screwdriver in the works, and you'll find out that your IUD has fallen out and you're preggo...with a BOY!!!!

Hope that made you Laugh!
(Merrill, don't hate me! :))

Mindy said...

Thanks!! It did make me laugh.. :)
I don't think that Merrill will hate you, I say worse! :)

kdance10 said...

Can't wait to see the pics. I totally am going to kidnap you and make you come paint my room:)

Six-Pack Momma said...

Each milestone is bittersweet. The millenium can't be too far off, right?!!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Peyton will love her new room! I've been in that dilemma , where I wanted another baby, and my husband did not, and then I switched, didn't want another baby, happy with our little family, and suddenly my husband wants a baby and the next thing I know, i'm pregnant! =) but sadly, this is our last... I hope you have fun decorating!

courtneycash said...

sniff sniff ;-)

Bonnie said...

You are such a good mom, your 3 girls are lucky!

Emalee said...

I know what you mean about taking a room apart. Kenner's room is pretty much the same way it was 7 months ago. Only one thing has changed no crib, instead a mattress and dresser are stored in there. Clothing still in the dressers and closet. Stroller still in there with car seat! Still have not come to terms with putting it all away.......I am sorry you are not getting your little boy. Who knows maybe he will still make his way here. Your girls are getting so big!
much love

Platt Family said...

You have such darling kids, I think you should try for a boy! But who am I to say, not my decision, just my opinion! But if you are done, know you have done great thus far with your sweet girls!

stacy said...

Wow, i am having some major deja vu with your post. ky's birthday is on sunday and she is getting a big girl bed. i am thinking it is time to get rid of the pale pink walls and give her something a little more "big girl". what the heck happened to my baby?..sniff,sniff. i really want one more, but i got the "i really feel like this is our family" response from allan. can he really be the only one to feel that? i should be content right? i am sure i will get there. maybe it is me just being a brat and not liking the fact that someone is telling me no! what sweet kids we have though right?
going to bear lake next week, but lets get together when i get back!