Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New do..

I saw this here a long while ago..

I thought to myself, "Self.. your little sweeties will NEVER let you do their hair that way.. dream on."
Then I saw it on little Kysa at a baby shower and KNEW I had to bribe one of them into it.
Yesterday, Ashley, who is always a sweetie, was in an even sweeter mood, and let me have full control in the hair styling arena that day..
So, I went for it.
The only moment of tears was when Lynn got all excited for the nearing of the end, to see the finished project..
"Your're going to have little messy buns!! How cute!"
Then the tears commenced... "NO!!! I don't want them to be messy!"
"They are supposed to be messy.."
"MOM!! Lynn said my hair is messy!!!"
Oh my..
It did turn out cute, if I do say so myself..
Lynn even asked for me to do it to her hair.. her long, long, LONG, hair. This is also the girl who wants to brush her own hair and wear only a headband.. trying to talk her into a side pony is pushing it.
Part of the way through the process, she began to cry.
This morning, after seeing Ashley's hair after a night of slumbering on it, Lynn said, "I think we should cut my hair so it can be like Ash's.."
Lynn cut her hair?! GASP!
We'll see how long that thought sticks around...
I had to include this one of Ash and Pey.. too cute!


Ally0005 said...

That is too cute!!!!

kdance10 said...

sooooooooo cute!

Six-Pack Momma said...

She looked adorable! If only Emma would let me do that to her hair again, her mullet wouldn't be so obvious...

stacy said...

i love doing kysa's hair that way, it is one of my favorites! especially with curly bows on the top, in the back...does that make sence?