Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Panic mode..

Peyton was a little "off" Saturday.
She didn't eat much.
She slept a lot.
She wasn't interested in swimming.
She just wanted me.
I wasn't thinking anything of it until I got her out of the tub. Pool water and sunscreen make a tub mandatory. Come to think of it, she didn't enjoy the tub as much as she usually does...
While getting her dressed, I noticed she was quite warm.
I took her temperature and it was nearly 102.
This is not normal, as you should know.
I gave her Tylenol, and nothing happened. Okay.. it lessened her temperature by MAYBE a degree.
I took her to InstaCare only to find that they were closed.
Really? 6 pm and they are closed?
That made me second guess my feeling that something was wrong.
There was this one time, I learned a great lesson about the power of Prayer and Motrin. I quickly prayed, and waited the little bit to give her Motrin.
My little girl was back.
We enjoyed South Ogden Day's fireworks seated in our traditional spot on the hill of the Catholic church, watching the girls run around and play.
After the show, I didn't expect Pey to go to sleep very soon, she had had 3 naps during the day. Four if you count the partial nap on the way to the pool. But she zonked.
2 am came with Peyton calling just for me.
Her temperature was back. A screaming 102.9.
All she wanted was to be held. I got her to take some Motrin, she talked to me while I got her a drink, which she downed, and then we went to the basement to cuddle.
She fell right back to sleep.
I couldn't.
I hopped on the Internet, because that is what a mom in this century does.. that and because I didn't have a doctor economically priced and available at that particular time.
The CDC's website and a 2 am wake up call by a sick baby are things that mix together to incite panic.
Have you read the symptoms for Swine Flu?
Maybe it was just the hour, or that she's my baby, but I was sure she had it.
That was an interesting night of what someone might try to call sleep.
I had to remember Merrill's prayer that night as we put the children to bed..
"Bless Peyton that all will be well with her."
I slept after that.
She woke up early, thirsty, and hot, again.
We went to the InstaCare.
Many questions were asked. As soon as the question about Daycare was answered in the negative, the doctor was quite confident that it was not Swine Flu.
He listened to her breathe, checked the nose, mouth, left ear, then right ear...
And that's where he found it.
An inner ear infection.
His diagnosis was that she was at the end of an upper respiratory infection, the ear infection sprang from that fountain of illness.
She never let on for ANY of it.
Well, besides the slight runny nose..
I am reassured that she really is mine. My mom tells me that when I was the same age, I had similar symptoms. Slight fever and acting fussy. She took me into the doctor to find that my ear drum had burst from a wicked ear infection. I had never cried, never indicated that my ear was even bothering me.
Yeah, she's part me, despite who she physically resembles..
Dad tries to reassure me further, as he chuckles while watching Peyton suck on her fingers and twirl a pig-tail.
I used to suck my thumb and twirl my hair.
I have only myself to thank for the orthodontist bills that will one day come for both me and her.
I sucked my thumb incessantly, sucked the nail polish-like deterrent that would be brushed onto my thumbs that was supposed to keep my from sticking them in my mouth in the first place.
I am also to blame for my un-repaired overbite because I refused to wear head-gear for most of high school..
Needless to say, I need to get Peyton off those fingers.
Our second ear infection EVER in this household of little girls is doing better..
I am still being taught lessons on the power of prayer.


Julie said...

But she looks so cute sucking on her fingers. Glad she's feeling better.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I am so glad it was an ear infection, and not anything more serious,(not that an ear infection isn't serious!) The only times Luke has ever had high temps were the two times he had ear infections, and he hasn't even complained about his ear! I hope she is feeling a lot better!

Ally0005 said...

Brace for my two, do you want to know how much one in Braces cost now, try $4600.00? Good luck as I can't stop Alana from her thumb. I’m sure braces will be more by the time Alana needs them.
I have gotten so many LO’s done, so happy, will show them off soon.

Emalee said...

Good thing it was and ear infection and not swine flu.....we thought kyle had it but he never got a really high fever. It just stayed in the 90's didn't get to the 100's so that was a good thing!