Thursday, July 2, 2009

Resurrection of the "Rose Petal Cottage"..

The girls were much more than excited over the resurrection of the "Rose Petal Cottage" from the depths of the crawl space.
It is the perfect toy for Peyton's age and stage right now, she loves it.
The girls got the cottage for Christmas a year ago. It was packed away much too soon as they were abusing and mis-using it.
Turning it on it's side, trying to bring the other half to enclose them within it's walls, the frame of it ending-up being bent horribly.
They were using it as a boat. Just like the Jaredite people I am sure, making their boat "tight like unto a dish". They tell me now it was supposed to be the Titanic.
I knew that Santa would not be happy about that, so I broke it down, packed it away out of their sight and hoped they would forget.
I had hope I could re-gift it to Peyton.
But there were pictures from Christmas day.. unless I never "got around" to scrapping them.. no one would be any wiser.. he he he..
If you don't scrapbook it, did it ever really happen? ;)
The day it was put back together, and only the half that was un-damaged by the past adventure, there were ground rules laid out.
1. The "Rose Petal Cottage" is now Peyton's. It, and all accompanying pieces, are property of Peyton's and therefore, stay in her room.
2. There will be no using the cottage in a fashion that is not intended for the use of the cottage. (i.e. no boating adventures.)
3. The cradle and changing table are for dolls only. Do not use them as step stools, or to try to change Peyton on them.
4. There is a sink in the cottage, but it can only be filled with imaginary water. Real water does not cross the threshold of the bedroom's doorway.
All violators will be punished accordingly.
So guess what happens later that day?
I am working away in the basement, trying to hide any signs of babies, the furniture and toys they use (out of sight, out of mind..) and I hear a thud, followed by a Peyton cry.
I run up stairs to find her laid out on the hallway floor right outside her bedroom door. Ironically, the floor is slick with a clear, wet substance.
I love the injured party and enter the room to find the culprits, eating otter pops and breaking multiple rules of the penitentiary.. er.. umm.. I mean household..
In reference to a previous post:
1. Ask before you take.
3. Throw away your wrappers when you are done. (There was garbage on the floor.)
4. Water, in a bowl and in the sink of the Rose Petal Cottage.
I think I need to have their hearing checked.
Otter pops were confiscated and thrown into the trash.
By the way they both wailed, you would have thought they were just told they would be banned from all things pink for the rest of their existence.
It got better for them as there was a round of spankings for all, and time-outs followed.
They were grounded from the resurrected playhouse for the rest of the day, and otter pops were off limits as well.
Whoever taught them to use scissors... so help me when I meet her!
Peace has now been restored. They now have a new-found respect for the law in these parts.
The Rose Petal Cottage has recovered, and shows no signs of trauma.
All four are getting along well now.

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