Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pristine Condition..

We received a phone call last night to come and visit.. "the pool is in pristine condition" Dixon told us. As soon as this message was relayed to the girls, there wasn't much time between the "YAY!" and the event of swimsuits being put on.
They came out of their room, arms around each others shoulders, singing, "Matching swimsuits!!" in stereo.

It was a nice break, and even funner to have had the call go out to all of the kids.
Grandpa flew the kids through the water..

Bucky Horse also came out to give rides to the kiddos..

It was nice to wear out the kiddos, get them off to slumber land a wee bit faster.
I think that they had fun.

Sad part..
My phone ended-up taking a dip with me.. :(
I was just keeping it close, anticipating a couple of important phone calls.
It has spent the night in the freezer, and is now relaxing in a bowl of rice. I hope all of these quick fix-its, that I am told "really work", do just that, "really work". Otherwise, this was one expensive mistake..
Merrill is home today, not feeling well.. so on it goes...


kdance10 said...

way cute pic's. That's too bad about your phone let me know if that trick works. Darn the bug that's going around, i am out of town and have been sick too. It stinks!

Bonnie said...

Wow super fun! Good luck with the quick fixes for the phone. Had never heard of those! I love the layout of your blog so easy to read.

Jamie said...

Looks like fun... I love summer and swimming pools and the opportunity to wear the kids out! Let us know if that phone trick works...

Ally0005 said...

What fun!!! Love the matching suits. Can't wait to get a new phone I hate mine.

BookwormMom said...

The rice thing really does work...but you have to take the battery out and have it in the rice too.

I'm sorry I got home too late to go walk!

Mindy said...

I just put the battery in the rice... Thanks! :)

Brooke said...

love the new header... :)