Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm spinning..

I didn't get the full-on version of this illness that others in this house have gotten, but I have seemingly been enjoying the end of it.
It's great...
I am spinning even more after listening to the Barbie/Polly Pocket story lines that my sweet daughters come up with.
*Please let me just make clear before I dive head first into this, that I DO NOT WATCH SOAP OPERAS..**
The other morning, while Ashley was in the tub, playing with a rubber duck who just happened to be married to Prince Charming, there started a dialogue that piqued my attention.
Duck: "I must go back to the sea.. I live in the water."
Prince: "But I LOVE YOU!!! I have to live on the land.. I cannot live in the sea.. (sigh)."
Duck: "Oh! Here come my children.. I must go.."
Prince: "Your children?.. are they mine? They don't look like me.."

Then, Lynn dreamed up another storyline this morning.. creepy.
"This girl (doll #1) married this guy (Ken doll). She wanted to be a mom, but he didn't want to have kids, so they got separated."
How on earth my 6 year old knows what a separation is, I have no idea.. but it gets better.
"So after they separated, she (doll #1) had her (doll #2). Then she growed up, and started to date this guy (Ken doll)."
Creepy, eh?
But it gets creepier..
"Then, they fell in love and they started kissing, ON THE LIPS. But he didn't know she was his daughter, cause he didn't want to have kids and she didn't know he was her real father.."
See, creepy.
Merrill began to help her tie up the loose ends of her storyline, which included a pivotal conversation that took place regarding his still not wanting to have children, and his disclosure of a previous marriage ending due to his feelings. Coincidentally, her mother had had a similar experience, and only after exchanging names, did the two connect the dots.
They both ended-up in therapy, at the same facility, and after they bumped into each other there, one of the players in our little story hung their self with bed linens.
(That was all Merrill, I just listened.)
Jerry Springer, here we come...
Is anyone else dizzy now?

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