Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It feels like we have had so much going on around here!
We are keeping busy working away at constant home improvement, which is fun, I like that kind of stuff.. and the kids are playing away, Peyton helps us with our work though. :) She is an awesome rock sorter. She now carries a rock around for a buddy.
We hope to get swings up, soon, and make our "swing set" an actual "swing set".. it hasn't had swings on it for the whole 3 years we've had it. Blasphemy considering Merrill's former occupation.
We are actually getting to spend some of our hard earned and saved cha-ching.. many people are coming to give us bids on improvements that are long overdue.
- A gate, that actually latches, keeping kiddos IN THE BACK YARD.
- A pump for our sprinkler system.. dragging a hose around the front yard when you have a sprinkler system SUCKS.
- A new front door, with no storm door. :)
- And last but not least, updated glass. Woo Hoo!! No more amber glass!!!
And with that, our seventies abode will be updated. :)
We'll just have to see if the bank can take it all..
Merrill has been out, pluggin' away in the yard with just about every spare moment he gets, and the girls love making mud or coloring with the chalk while they are out there with him.
Last night, Peyton kinda biffed it on the cement out on the patio. She came inside whining and rubbing her hands. I usually try to kiss her better, and she hasn't gotten it, she'll pull her hand away and clap them together or even shake them, to lessen the pain I guess. So last night, I attempted to kiss her hand better. I brushed off the dirt, and then kissed her hand. She looked at me like I was crazy! Then she looked at her hand, then smiled, and giggled at me. I think she gets the concept now. She has come to me since, holding out her hand like she needs a kiss.
A highlight of my week was speaking at Jaclyn's enrichment night last night, that's where the flowers came from.
The topic was optimism. I had the past month to study, ponder, and prepare, and it all came together so well. Many prayers were answered.
I really am a dork.. I ENJOY that kind of stuff.. I love to study and learn, I love teaching in RS.
The funny part, is how a bunch of crap tried to rain on me the day before. Trying to tinge my optimism with the smell of poo.
There is a someone out there who has issues with me, and off and on they try to start stuff. I choose to leave it alone. It's not my issue.
They decided to try to start it all again on Monday.
That one post, you know, about praying, it really does help. I could go from reading one of the e-mails or comments submitted by a cohort of theirs, and it would roll off my back.. like water off of a duck's back. :) Thank you, awesome power of prayer!
But I don't think they know how much I do not care about it, at all. Ignoring the e-mails, comments, and remarks, doesn't seem to get the message across to this person that I don't care. (Perhaps this will?)
I know who I am. I know the truth. Those who know me, know me.
Telling untruths about me, attempting to slander me, taint my reputation.. none of it phases me. The truth will shine through, and those who choose to believe what this person has to say, will one day know.
It did not not affect my optimism. :)
That was just one of Satan's tools to try to thwart me and the message I was asked to share.
By the sound of the feedback received last night, it was a well-received message and one that was needed.
Score: Satan - 0, Me - 1

Oh, and those flowers.. they are loved by all the females in this household! One look or whiff of those babies and the sunshine is turned on full blast here!


Emalee said...

OH lovely how people are and Satan. He sure is an EVIL one! Good for you. Oh and I think you should come to my house and do work on it for me. I want it painted......need to buy paint. I want to do something cool but what??? Anyways.....Can't wait to see your new windows and all the other work. Now only if I could get some of my house out of the 1970's/80's

Julie said...

Wish I could have been there to hear you last night. I admire the way you can let all that crap this person is flinging to go by and not give much thought to. Love ya, Min.

Ashley and Devan said...

I agree the power of prayer is amazing. I liked your post on prayer.
I'm pretty sure I know who you are talking about in this blog. I really don't know everything that has gone on between you two, I only catch little pieces here and there. I think it really stinks that it has come to this for both of you. I honestly hope you guys can repair your friendship or at least forgive and forget (even if that means just forgetting eachother). I know you know how powerful forgiveness also is. It's really great that you are such a strong person. : )

Mindy said...

Honestly Ashley.. if you only knew....