Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Growing up..


I got a phone call today..
It was "Select Health" our insurance company who isn't very punctual.
Today's phone call further proved that fact.
The pre-recorded message said: "By now, I am sure that your little one is crawling all over the house.."
Um.. we are waaaaay past that point.
When they asked, "According to your records, is your child up to date on their immunizations?"
I knew my records were significantly more up to date than theirs, and I didn't wasn't to hear how behind they were. The pre-recorded, one-sided conversation came to an end.
But then it got me thinking even more..
We have been on a kick of watching family videos.
My babies aren't babies any more...
It is amazing to see how much Peyton has grown.
She is saying "ba-by" now.. I am trying to convince Merrill that that alone is the best reason to have another baby.. so she can say her newest word, and point to my tummy at the same time.
He's not convinced. ;)


BookwormMom said...

Keep working on him....when the time is right, he'll agree!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

You could always do what seems to happen to me...and have a surprise baby! =) Although, being the baby of the family has to have some perks...like mom's undivided attention, and the fact that she will always be the baby regardless of how big she gets!

Tiffany said...

She may not a baby anymore but she is one adorable little girl! I've also been watching home movies and loving seeing my tiny babies. Time sure does fly away.