Monday, July 27, 2009

Mondays.. here we go..

I started out my week, and my Monday morning in the least pleasant way possible.
I upped my InstaCare count to 4 for the month.
Ashley wanted Peyton to be up on her bed with her and PULLED on her arms, pulling one out of socket. I did what I knew to do, and it didn't help. She wouldn't move her fingers, wouldn't hold her sippy cup.. her trademark position of sucking her fingers on her right hand, while twirling her hair with her left hand wasn't even happening. I was rushing to get everyone ready to go and visit our own personal money pit, thinking, "I'd really rather not take the other two.. who could I call..."
Names were going through my head, knowing full well that I have MANY around me who would help, and then I hear the front door shut.
Merrill is home?
He forgot that he gave another one of his guys much needed hours, and scheduled him for today.
Prayer answered. Merrill stays home with the two older girls.
I take Pey to the doctor where they immediately order x-rays. The tech tells me what this usually is, Nurse Maid's Elbow, and that one of the x-rays positioning usually fixes it.
Sure enough.
As soon as it's done, there goes that left hand to her hair, twirling away while she sucks her fingers.
The doctor wanted us to stick around, see if everything was really back to normal. We played a bit and laughed. She loved looking at the x-rays of her elbow. Should have taken those home as our souvenir.
Two guys, a father and son duo, walk in looking pale and sickly, like they hadn't bathed in a while, and masks over their mouths and noses. I checked to see if Pey could give me double "high fives" and "bumps".. she could and we high-tailed it out of there.
Guess what the picture of the day is?

24-27 123

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