Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Trying to get to the point were I just live life again.. stop thinking and dreaming about the what if's and the what to do's or the many possibilities of what I can do, or can learn how to do. I have made myself take a break from the computer for the greater part of the day today, to get something done. To have something blog-worthy..
I feel in many ways I have run into a wall. My brain has had all that it can take as far as new information goes for awhile, and I just need to be still.. let things happen, and stop acting, doing things.
Yeah.. this might not make any sense, but I am talking about building the site. It is fun and sooo exciting, but I don't know much about what to do, and I am googling my heart out!! I just want it to be perfect..
See, I need to relax..
I have the guys here, tearing down old rain gutters and faschia.. putting up new, BLACK. :) Merrill is still doubtful of my color choice, but he was for the basement and the dining room.. he just needs to trust me.
Still having some bids come in on other things, just happy to be getting some projects DONE!!
Lynn is tormenting Ashley, calling her a "little girl wuss" and a "baby", because Ashley is afraid of a hornets nest (dead.. I sprayed it.) that Lynn wants to preserve in a ziploc baggie.. she is so fascinated. She should be in heaven once these guys get all of the trim down. There will be dozens of those babies laying around!
Ashley has been asking about "richness".
"Mom.. are we rich?"
"What does rich mean to you?
"Like the Jefferies are rich.." (Jefferies are friends of ours, they have six kids that are all too fun for words. We LOVE playing with them!)
"How do you think the Jefferies are rich?"
"Because they have a lot of kids."
"They are rich.. you are right Ash."
"We are POOR!"
She is so funny...
Peyton is a pro at waving "bye bye" and saying it too. She also loves to blow kisses, pat her bum, and say "haha!" That goes along with the diaper changing song we sing: "Feet up, pat her on the popo.. let's hear her laugh.. haha!" So fun that she is getting things now.

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