Tuesday, July 28, 2009


After all of yesterday's drama, I got to go and run errands CHILDLESS!!
Sam's club was a breeze, I even got pics printed off to re-do the wall and shelf in the dining room. It was especially nice to not hear two little girls whining and begging for a new swingset.. they love the wood one at Sam's, even thought they have their own that requires no sanding or staining every year, on behalf of their parents.. our is no maintenance, no slivers, yet the grass is greener on the other side..
I had to go to Lowe's and what is in the near vicinity of Lowe's?
Old Navy.
I took Emily's advice (thanks girl!) well, and Merrill's too, and went jean shopping (he just wanted to go too and make a date out of it)!!
I usually have zero luck in Old Navy when it comes to jeans.. skirts and shirts, okay, but usually a big fat no on the jeans.
They had a new fit out "The Dreamer" that is bootcut, classic rise, and a little stretch.. even a little extra in the tummy area.. great colors too.
They fit like a dream!
They were also buy one get one half off..
See, it keeps getting better.
I am even happier now that I am back in a 4, the sun was shining down on me that day..
I still had to get Merrill's okay..
When I put them on, his jaw dropped (that is always good..) and I got two thumbs up.
I asked him if that was truly how he felt, or if he was being nice after my breakdown on Sunday..
He's so sweet.
Now if I could do something about the above the waist situation.
I swear.. if my bra flips up one more time..
We also enjoyed a good swim last night, I am actually sore form it!
Oh, and to keep the perpetual sick ball rolling, Ashley threw-up this morning.. :D
SO fun!

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