Monday, July 6, 2009

4th and such..

We celebrated the fourth, at home, under self-quarantine. :)
We had a simple fireworks display, Merrill was so impressed with my selection from Target.
(Read that with much sarcasm.. they were all pretty much duds.)
It came complete with parachutes..

Sparklers.. and other fun fire-worky things..

Even Peyton joined in..
See the look of panic on her face?

Hot metal stick, shooting sparks.. Yeah..
She dropped it in my lap, and I opened my lap up onto the blanket..
A new memory is born.

Here's my Merrill (heart)..

We ate cupcakes and popcorn (as shown below)..

The awesome selection of fireworks really meant nada..
We just had a good time being together!

Sunday, we sluffed church, again..
Well, I shouldn't say "we", me and the kiddos. Merrill was playing the role of "responsible adult". ;)
Ashley slept, coughed, and then coughed some more so hard that she vomited during the night. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep..
What is sleep anyway?
Last night was a re-run of that episode.
How do you say that strange word? Slll-eee-P?
Her inhaler is nearing empty; how I wish it actually had a gauge, like my gas tank. :)
I decided to take her into our doctor today.
Then sleep depravity kicked in, and another voice told me I was overreacting.
Then I decided that I really should.
This morning I found that, I had indeed, missed the last refill on her inhaler by less than a month.
I was taking her.
Luckily I was able to get into our physician this afternoon annnnd....
Our little mystery is solved!
Her fever was indeed "something", not Roseola. An upper respiratory infection, perhaps? Anywhoo, the virus ended-up settling in her sinus, to develop into a lovely, snotty, sinus infection.

3 bottles of Amoxicillan, and my refrigerator looks like it is ready for an outbreak.
Looking forward to doing that one thing tonight, where you lay down on a nice, soft bed, then you close your eyes and relax, recharge your batteries and so on.. I can't seem to remember what it's called..


BookwormMom said...

I'm soooooo glad you have a diagnosis! Now, you don't have to be under quarantine! (at least after 24 hours of amoxicillin, anyway!). We've been missing you!

Ally0005 said...

Glad you found out what is was.