Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My review..

This is the spray adhesive that is supposed to make a huge shortcut in quilting.. a "cheat" of sorts.
Grandma is probably shaking her head..
Regular price on this little can of "cheater spray" was $14.99, but that, my friends, is what coupons are for!
The idea was to adhere the squares onto the top of my quilt-to-be and machine quilt it without the worry of pins. I still wanted to be sure that my batting, backing, and top piece stayed where I intended them to, so I left one pin in the center of each of my squares.

I folded the squares, sprayed the back of each one, and stuck them back down.
I did notice that some over spray was getting onto the quilt top, didn't worry about it, until...
I actually started sewing, what I thought might take me the afternoon on my machine, turned out to be not that, at all.
The over spray is sticky.
Check out my fingers...

It sticks fantastically to the presser-foot on my machine, which makes for little to no sewing actually getting accomplished. I finished one side and not even half of the top before I called it quits.
Perhaps, if I had taken each square off, taken them to a separate location, sprayed them, then brought them back and placed them, I wouldn't have this issue. But I already marked it out, pinned them down, and wasn't in love with the prospect of re-placing 204 4x4 inch squares after I had already done it.
Meanwhile, I am sewing each one on, by hand, the way I was taught..
I am sure Grandma was smiling down when I went to the craft room to retrieve her quilting kit.
She probably smiled a little bigger when I slipped her thimble onto my finger.
So much for short-cuts!


BookwormMom said...

At least you know it's sticky...for future crafting projects and ideas....

I'm glad you reviewed it...I did the reviews I did so that people wouldn't waste their money...but I like to know what everyone else is trying out as well!!

Ally0005 said...

One day I will get Alana's 100 Good Wishes Quilt done, Oh wait I can't sew. Maybe I need to put that on my to do list. Find someone that can finish it for me.
Can't wait to see yours finished.