Saturday, July 4, 2009

Christmas in July..

Christmas sprinkles are good for somethin' around here in July..
I kinda neglected the decorative fourth of July musts in my arsenal of sprinkles and such. I admit, I wasn't really planning on making anything special for the holiday after the day I had decorating a bazillion cookies, but this morning when I woke, I had the urge for chocolate cupcakes and loads of butter creme frosting..
So I went for it.

My personal tip is to grab one, and eat it over the kitchen sink, with your back to any doors or hallways, that way the kiddos can't see, and then, you don't "have" to share. You can quickly deposit the evidence into the sink, brush the crumbs nonchalantly from your mouth, and no one is the wiser. ;)

But I didn't have sprinkles.. well, I did. In my Christmas mix. So I got the red and the white.. no blue in this house though.. plenty of pink! ;)
I love to use Betty Crocker's Super Moist Butter recipe cake mixes..
At the risk of sounding much like Paula Deen, a stick of butter makes everything better!
It makes a very moist cake and or cupcake.
I like to fill 'em..
As a young'un, my mom had a cool electric cookie press that had the "filler" attachment. That contraption kicked the bucket a looong time ago. I prefer to use my 18 inch decorating bag and my very large 4B Wilton tip. This bad boy has extra capacity, so I just fill it, and go.
I stick the tip into the cupcake until I see no more silvery tip, and squeeze until the top of the cupcake looks like a mini Grand Canyon. Or, sometimes I hold it and stop once it feels sufficiently heavy.

See my little chocolaty Grand Canyon?

I color the rest of my frosting, and because I am lazy, fill the same bag, unwashed with my colored frosting. I pipe it onto the tops and cover any trace of the frositng injection.

We all love them!

Happy Fourth!!


Julie said...

Lazy? Whatever. You made cupcakes and they look delicious.

BookwormMom said...

We must have been telepathically linked...

I woke (Friday morn, I think?) from a dream of devouring chocolate cupcakes with Orange buttercream icing (in my dream it was Halloween time...hmmm i wonder why?...since I never escape it ;))

I wanted a cupcake all day...

kdance10 said...

They look yummy. I am going to make some today, i have been craving them:)

bridget {bake at 350} said...

Oh, yum! FILLED cupcakes are the best!!!

Aartee said...

Those look AWESOME!