Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth...

Before you begin your reading of this blog post, keep in mind the state of my mind..
I have had it up to here with many things.. (envision my hand at the level of my eye, which puts it at roughly 4 foot 8; my stature is 5 foot 2 and a half.. don't forget the half.)

1- this mystery illness that has had Ashley being a slightly different version of herself since Monday evening.
2- Peyton's sleep habits. The sleep habit that has her head on top of my own, and her feet in Merrill's face, instead of in her own bed. I have been so sleep deprived, that I usually wake, to find her in our bed, not knowing how or when she got there.
3- Girl hormones. Can't they just learn to get along already?!
4- Fireworks.

My rant today, is addressed to my dear, patriotic neighbors.

Dear Neighbors,
While I too, am ecstatic to be a citizen of this country, I am not ecstatic of the hour in which you choose to set off your celebratory fireworks (both legal and illegal).
I am well aware of the parameters in which we are all allowed to ignite the colorful and loud things made in China, but propose that we limit them to the day of the fourth itself. Why celebrate three days before and three days after the fourth?
Last night, while I was barely awake, trying to enjoy time with my husband, time I wished were alone time ;), I couldn't enjoy it. My 17 month old daughter was tossing and turning, she had stopped honking our noses and repeatedly demonstrating where our eyes were, but she was awake. Not asleep. I will tell you why the sandman wasn't able to take her off to dreamland.. your fireworks. With every "pop" her eyes would pop open themselves, and she would then sit up, then eventually settle down, only to be disturbed by another "pop". Cycle repeats, and I lose it even more.
That was fan-tastic.
It was nearly 11 pm. I was tired.
I still am.
I would like to suggest that we enjoy deploying our fireworks (I have them, I like them too..) on the day of the fourth, during the times that are reasonable... after 8 am to roughly noon-thirty.. a break would then commence for my youngest offspring's nap time, and the lighting of the fireworks my be continued at 3 pm until.. well, I'll be generous and say 11 pm. I think that is reasonable.
Now don't think of me as your neighborhood bitty, think of me as a mother on the brink..
I have no where else to go.
I do not have the desire to infect the rest of the nearby population with Miss Ashley's "mystery illness" (there is no sign of a rash.. yet.), and therefore, will not be visiting ANY public venue. The driveway of my own home will be sufficient this evening as we light, and enjoy, our LEGAL fireworks, during the agreed upon hours.
Thank you for your neighborly consideration.
Mindy Pitcher


Emalee said...

Oh honey I am sorry! I have a dear neighbor letter i would like to write but I don't think it would be as GREAT as your! We were awoken at 1 something AM with the car horn going off! they didn't care that is was a contunious honk infact the drunk people that live across the street came over to un plug the horn. They used every effort to do so before the other neighbor turned on his massive SPOTLIGHT! (his porch light) To help those drunk people sticking lighters in the engine to try and see where to unplug the horn! Anyways, maybe I will have to write a dear neighbor letter. I have WAY More I would like to say.....Thanks for reading my dear neighbor letter/ rant!!

Promise said...

I so agree with the time and days! Honestly...1am we have to be doing fireworks? I believe moms in general are sleep deprived and I am doing dang good to be asleep at that time...DO NOT WAKE ME UP! Ok...I am glad you got it off your chest (me too) and call and let me know if you guys need some earplugs when they are undoubtedly (is that a word) setting them off at 2am! I will bring some to you!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I agree. Fireworks should only be allowed on the holiday! We are about ready to put ourselves to sleep, and the loud popping noises are issuing from the neighbor's as we speak. So much for going to sleep any time soon! =)

Julie said...

Well said. Heck, I'd even settle for our neighbors only lighting fireworks during the week of the fourth. Just, please, please don't do it while my kids are trying to sleep.

BookwormMom said...

Clap, Clap, Clap...etc.

COME ON's dark by 9:45pm. That's reasonable for setting off fireworks. There's no reason to keep setting them off into the wee hours of the night..that's just inconsiderate.

I'm sorry you're exhausted :(