Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New skills..

While I am busy, acquiring new skills, so are my kiddos...
Lynn has a wicked attitude.

Really. Don't let her cuteness fool you.. our "quarantine" was extremely hard on our relationship.
I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that she's been waking-up at the butt-crack of dawn, and staying up.. but the past few days I have been ready to sell her to some gypsies.
We are trying to keep up with reading this summer, but she had that darned attitude and claims she has forgotten many of the words she learned in kindergarten.
Hmm.. maybe that also has something to do with the 5 am-ish wake-up call...
She is quite the helper. She played nurse to Ash while she wasn't feeling well.
Ashley is feeling better.

She still has a cough.
That cough doesn't work well with the trampoline.
Do I need to re-state what takes place when Ash coughs too hard for too long?
Cleaning a trampoline is not fun.
I found a new place to use Clorox Anywhere spray.
She has learned to blow a bubble with her bubble gum!
The two oldest have mastered the art of sneaking treats.. their success rate is very high. I usually don't bust them until after the treats are ingested. They haven't discovered that throwing away the evidence would help them out as far as punishments go. :)
Peyton.. dear, sweet Peyton...

She loves to help me while I am trying to practice my new PhotoShop skills, or adds new characters while I post.
She loves to be read to. If I say book, she takes off, running, and comes back, usually with her favorite.
She gives us high-fives and fist "bumps". She tries to say Lynn's name. Pretty much says "Ash".
She even puts herself down for naps!!
I can sit and read to her forever trying to get her down.. she'll politely listen, not go to sleep on me, and then puts herself to sleep when she is ready.
I discovered her new skill one day when it was too quiet and she hadn't come back downstairs. I went to her room, to find her door shut. I opened it and found her, asleep in her bed. Too sweet!
We went and visited our new local, and very high tech library..
That place is incredible!
When I was a wee one, the coolest feature of the library had to be the books on tape available to borrow. That or the tiny pencils..
This place is amazing.. we can't wait to go back.


Six-Pack Momma said...

I'm glad Ash is feeling better.

We love the library, too. It's a weekly trip...keepin' up those reading skills...

Bonnie said...

So impressive that Peyton put herself to sleep. Maybe she could give D some advice!