Friday, July 10, 2009

Takin' a break..

From unpicking the quilt.. I am really developing a love/hate relationship with that thing.
I love the colors in it, and the fact that it will dress-up a big girl bed..
I HATE that it is not working the way I hoped it would..
Oh, well..
So I am giving my eyes and fingers (and scissors) a much needed break, and doing some homework. :)

Hand tinting and mask clipping:


Textures/overlays + frame:

I love all that I am learning!!
And someday, that blasted quilt will be done..


kdance10 said...

I love the older looking ones so dang cute. Hey just wondering if your really up for a lunch date?

Bonnie said...

Awesome stuff! So are you taking online lessons somewhere? Anyway, can't wait to get going as soon as Ry will bring home the promised software!

Rachael said...

"Wonder under!" After reading your post last night, I had to think of what it's called that My Grandma uses to adhere patch quilts together.

It comes in bolts like fabric... You have to have it cut the same as fabric as well. You just cut it into what ever size pieces you need. Then iron your fabric together.