Thursday, July 23, 2009

Goings on..

SO much..
Lemme tell you...
We are the proud new owners of new rain gutters, downspouts and fascia.. so lovely! Hopefully our basement is finished with it's leaking phase with these new beauties..

july 20th - 23rd 013

Merrill is still doubtful of the black color.. :P
It was so awesome! These guys did an awesome job. AVS contractors, if you need ANY service at your home, call them. They came out, tore off faschia, scraped off the hornet and wasp nests hiding underneath :O and then put up new. The trimmed out the garage door frame, and then another guy came solo today to put up the rain gutters and downspouts. It took only a couple of hours, and he did it all by himself!! It was cool to watch, they are seamless, so he had a big roll of aluminum, and he fed it through an extruder of sorts to mold it into my new, seamless, awesomely BLACK rain gutters.
We harvested some zucchini from our garden..

july 20th - 23rd 035

july 20th - 23rd 029
Peyton helped me unload the dishwasher..

july 20th - 23rd 014

Also slightly notable, but geeky.. we got a new phone book!! I was so excited (see, geeky, I know..) to see our name (hopefully nameS..) in there.. they FINALLY got it right: Merrill and Mindy Pitcher. Sigh... I've been trying to get that fixed for YEARS!!

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