Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello, again..

We took another trip to the InstaCcare last night.. made our hectic evening that much more..
I had a bridal shower to be to.. I was one of the hostesses, kinda had to be there.
I was gathering everything, needing to get there to help set up.
Ashley had been on and off with a fever for the last day, so Merrill was going to stay home with her, but he calls, he's locked his keys in his office. I have to run him the extras.
I am gathering kids, rushing to get everything done, and there on time... find Ash, asleep, and wake her up. She is hotter than hot. I take her temperature. First shot, the digital thermometer reads 106.8?!
Another try.. 104.9, still, not good.
I give her Motrin, and get on our way.
Merrill takes her to InstaCare.. I take my stuff to the shower and he promises me with updates.
Now let me back up to a couple of very important points..
1- Merrill HATES the doctors, hospitals, etc. He gets so ill.. that might be a contributing factor in the size of our family. It was such a miracle he was up to taking her himself instead of substituting for me at the shower!
2- Ashley had said, this whole time that she's been running a temp., that she feels "fine". She is totally herself, nothing hurts, she's running around and playing, but somehow, needs an afternoon nap... she was getting so annoyed with me, repeatedly asking her if she felt okay, if anything hurt.. "NO mom.."
So we are at the shower, just getting into a game, and my phone rings.
"They have been running tests, they can't find anything, they need to draw blood."
Merrill + needles + blood + the subject being one of his offspring = a gihugant disaster... his family knows this. HIs mom keeps Lynn, Peyton is a whole other ball game, she comes with me, after she's covered me with something black.. oh, and her too.
I speed.
I get there right after the blood was taken.. they are both doing fine. :)
Ashley is just laying there, with her hot pink bandage, making fishy lips, giggling. She tells me every detail.
"I had to go tinkle in a cup, but I couldn't go, so they gave me apple juice, and after I drank it, I went tinkle.. then, they took the shot needle, and it kinda hurt, but I didn't cry.. I didn't even say ouch mom!"
She is so tough!!
Merrill was pale. He just nodded his head.
"I was trying to distract her, keep her focus on me, but she wanted to look. She seriously didn't even say 'ow'."
She is amazing... this is proof that she really is mine, despite who she physically resembles.
The doctor basically said that she has a "fever without a focus". They couldn't find anything wrong. The only diagnosis we got, was that it is probably Roseola..
I am amazed at Merrill, that he held a cup while his daughter peed in it, that he was well enough to relay information to me, and to the doctor, and most importantly, that he didn't faint, when the needle came out, or when it went in.. love you Mer!!
As for the diagnosis, we'll just have to wait and see.
Blotchy rash, anyone?
Until then, we'll just be kicking it at home, quarantining ourselves! :)
We've already gone through two bottles of ibuprofen between little miss "P" and Ash..
Good times at the Pitcher's!

** Lynn and I went to my softball game last night, after all was well. Lynn sat, bundled-up in the dugout, while we played our game in the on then off again rain, and the thunder, and the lightning... that was fun!


Ally0005 said...

Once the rash come the fever will be gone.
Alana had this a few years ago.

BookwormMom said...

How the H*** did she get Roseola? I'm SOOOOOO sorry for your stress!

Cole also hates doctors, hospitals, and needles (I laugh all the time that he married me, who LOVES all that stuff and always has)..but when it comes to the kids, he can handle it, and does very well.

Just don't ask him when the last time HE went to the doctor was...not counting a few rapid strep tests here and there, I don't remember. I keep bugging him about it, but he ignores me. Loudly.

Jamie said...

Oakley had Roseola when she was a baby... she was very tired with a high fever and then the rash came and the fever disappeared. Hope she gets better soon!