Friday, July 31, 2009

Catchin' up..

So, everyone is better, me included ;), and we have been doing summer all week!
Let me tell you a little of what we've done..

Went to the parade..

24-27 023

Went swimming..

last week july 022

And more swimming...

last week july 032

The only person who still needs the aid of a float or life jacket is Peyton.. Ashley and Lynn are both all over that pool floaty and life jacket free!! YAY!!
Keeping an eye on the garden..

24-27 116

24-27 108

24-27 114

I now know why "ear wigs" are called "ear wigs"..

Harvesting some yummy things from our garden..

last week july 044

And eating our yummy harvest..

last week july 050

Yesterday, we went school shopping.. found all needed supplies for both Lynnie and Ash and also found Peyton these cute flip-flops at Target.. I felt so bad putting her sandals on her, it had been a while, but she is no longer a 4..

last week july 056

And today, we went to the splash pad with some new friends..

july 31 016
And Peyton showed all her belly button. ;)

july 31 008

The girls enjoyed getting wet, then sitting on the cement and made "butt-prints"! They would look at the wet mark, and decide what it looked like.. some were hearts, some were bunny heads, complete with ears, and some looked like, well, butts.. it was a fun day! Thanks Kaycee...

Still have projects going on around here.. can't wait till it is all done!
I also got a new toy, but won't post until I get better acquainted with it. ;)

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