Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lessons Learned..

Today was a good day. I got through my lesson, with the help of prayer, my front row of supporters, oh, and one in the hall. ;)
I am so thankful for family and good friends, who know me, love me and support me.
I did come to a realization, one of those lessons you already know, but then the light bulb flashes on again.. and you are reminded that you know this..
The rest of the fam (sickies I call them..) stayed home from church today, which allowed me for quiet, reflective time, during the sacrament service today. That was awesome. As I was thinking of the words from today's sacrament hymn, and the symbolic nature that the sacrament is, it hit me..
Even though I have my friends and family who love me, support me, and uplift me, none of them know EXACTLY what I am going through, know EVERY DETAIL of what has gone on, or FEEL EVERY FEELING I have felt these past six months..
Christ does.
His atonement wasn't only for MY SINS, or to redeem MY LIFE, but as it says in Alma chapter 7 verse 12, it was also for my infirmities.
He has felt EVERYTHING I have ever felt, ever endured, or will endure, and He understands.
That brings peace to me.
And so do my ever supportive friends and family.. love you guys!
Now I'll go back to my nursing duties.. kind of bummed that we are going to miss out on the traditional Weber State fireworks night tonight. We might do a drive by, but will not place our selves with the public to infect them.. I don't think Lynnie could walk that far anyway.

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