Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dinner time discussion..

We had a fun morning today, getting up and all ready for church..
I don't know if it was the rain, the unseasonable coolness, or the fact that I stayed up past my bedtime to dye my hair, but I opted to sleep in.. for an extra hour :)
I quickly got ready, had the girls up by quarter of eight, and that is an accomplishment, considering the fact that waking Lynn on the sabbath, and when she realizes it is Sunday, is like talking her off of a ledge. She dislikes going to church, sheld rather be sleeping, that is. I told her it was "Fast Sunday" and that helped, because she believes it really is fast.
I tried to con them and their still sleepy tummies that it was indeed, time to eat breakfast. Nobody ate very well.
After feeling much like a broken record, I had them dressed, shoes on, and was trying to make the chore of fixing hair sound more like a trip to LaGoon. It was 8:40 when I announced, "We need to get a move on.. We need to be in the car in ten minutes!!" I then realized that Merrill was still in bed, asleep :)
We got there maybe five minutes late, and that ain't bad.
It got even funner as Peyton decided to go ahead with her morning constitutional during Sunday School. I was thankful earlier in the morning that that one detail didn't occur, to further throw off my morning. But the Sunday School surprise got better when I started searching the "church diaper bag" (we have more than one, each for different occasions.. softball, grammy's house, out and about, and church.. each has an individual purpose.) only to discover, the diapers and more importantly, the wipes, were not in this particular bag.
So to the car I went, to find only diapers.
We went home.
With a bum smelling much better, I put our chili (lunch) on the stove to simmer, then lunch would be waiting for us when we got home.
Our smelly diaper had a silver lining.
Sacrament meeting went well,with only one emergency phone call from the hotel.. someone with a trailer took out some of the stucco pillar, and a guest smoking much like a chimney on the third floor, stinking up the place.. the goldfish spilled only once. I did get to bear my testimony, something that has been a month in waiting, I didn't get up last month, I put it off. It has been bugging me ever since.
I love my ward!
After eating our yummy chili that was warmed to the perfect temperature, we chatted about the morning's events. I commented how I had no idea how mothers with more children do it. Seriously!
Merrill said, "See, you don't want any more. You couldn't handle this (motioning to the three crazies) doubled."
Just to avoid an argument, I told him he was right..
Lynn and Ash understood what we were talking about and one of them said, "You're not having anymore babies?"
Mer answered, "Nope. My hair is already going gray. I don't want to go bald too."
"You were gray when we were dating.." said the sassy wife sitting to his left :)
"It was preparation for having three girls."
We all got our Sunday nap in.. well, all except for Ash, she needs it most..Sunday naps are awesome.


kdance10 said...

Oh thank goodness for sunday naps:) I always love reading your stories.

Zariph and Lisa said...

I enjoyed your testimony yesterday. If you ever need wipes or diapers in the future, you can ask me. I usually have some with me :)

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love that Lynn thinks fast sunday are fast! Our church doesn't start until one, and somehow we are always late! i think ti's because I have to get not only myself, but sariah and luke ready, and usually I am waking up my honey from his "quick nap" right before church! Oh, Sunday's are fun! I'm glad you were able to bare your testimony!

BookwormMom said...

Yay for Sunday Naps!!!!

I also always have diapers and wipes...and am happy to share.

mer said...

"Just to avoid an argument, I told him he was right.." What a bunch of crap!!! You would be so wrecked with 6 kids I would have to take up permanent residence at the hotel. P.S. Please don't hit me in the face when I get home tonight. Love you!!!