Monday, June 15, 2009

I heart spell check!!

So serious..
In the fourth grade, the word "yellow" was on our spelling list. Not a hard word to spell.
I got it wrong!
My problem: I had the Jello jingle in my head..
No "W"..
There went my perfect 100%.
I do have A+ blood, it has perpetuated my perfectionist lifestyle.
The insert for our luncheon that went out with our wedding announcements, read "Kirkland Room" instead of "Kirtland Room".. it glares at me every time I see it in our scapbook. I have contemplated fixing it for over 9 years now. I didn't make them, but it bugs me.. I don't like people thinking that I do not know how to spell the names of important locations in church history. I am sure they are thinking that I had Costco on the brain..
But back to my love of spell check, it's integral place in my life.
How on earth did I ever function without it?
I am not very good at putting my i's and e's in the right spot all the time; therefore, spell check is my friend.
I love that it is always there for me.
Just a click away.
I love even more that Mozilla has a built in little red pencil to make me aware of those words that are questionable.
It fixes them too, when I let it. :)
The only thing that is hard for me, when I am typing one handed, am distracted, still need an updated prescription for my reading glasses, and am proof-reading my posts (repeatedly) after both spell checks have been employed, is the words that are pronounced the same way, yet spelled differently, and have different meanings.
Allow me to give you an example:
The girls went upstairs two get there shoes. Ashley always has problems putting them on the wright feet, but Lynn is such a good sister, she is always their too help her little sister.
See what I mean?
Not a one spelled incorrectly, but when I am proof-reading, with Peyton in my lap, usually honking my nose, and my glasses that are giving me severe issues, I miss them.
I still love spell check.
But I rejoice when I spell tongue correctly on my first attempt.


BookwormMom said...

;)...I like spell check as well!

Six-Pack Momma said...

My only hope is that my kids learn the proper times to use: there, their, & they're and to, two, & too.

After all, not being able to spell reflects on one's intelligence.

Julie said...

I too love that Mozilla has the little helps. Does Microsoft Word still have a grammar check?

Bonnie said...

Who needs to know how to spell these days...I will go use spell check on my last post wright away! he he he