Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer sayings..

"Mom, can I have ________________?"
Fill in that blank with any kind of summertime treat your imagination can conjure up.
I should have included a picture of my freezer!
The follow to this frequently asked question is my answer, which most of the time is a generous "yes", and quickly tagged onto the end of that is any of the following:
"Eat it at the table."
"Eat it on the deck."
"Please.. eat it outside.."
And one of those are always followed with, ".. and throw your garbage away in the garbage can."
What, just what, might possibly happen if my requests aren't taken into serious consideration?
- sticky floors, sticky with the tiny, but very sticky, drips of an "Otter Pop". Have I mentioned how sticky those are?
- garbage, all over, despite my directions to throw the garbage away, in a garbage can.
- and last, but certainly not the least of this summertime issue would be the youngest sister...

Her ability to climb onto any sturdy (and the sometimes un-sturdy) object..

To gain access to whatever her little heart desires..

Yup.. eating the left-overs.. this case a melted "Fat Boy" with a fork..

Melted ice cream + fork..
Good combination for the makings of a fun clean-up project..

And a bath.
I am considering putting my directions in vinyl lettering on the wall in every room of my house..
That way I can point.
It might help them learn to read better! :)


Six-Pack Momma said...

Funny....I have that same broken record playing at my house.

Emalee said...

Oh my Peyton looks SO much like Ashley. She is even super cute all messy!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Peyton is so cute! Summer time treats should come with a warning label" sticky mess involved with clean up" I bought Popsicles my kids only like one hey more for me and less mess to clean! =)

kdance10 said...

I love the vinyl idea. That last picture of peyton is darling such big eyes:) I'm game for the blog mommy playdate