Monday, June 8, 2009

A change in hair color??

I know that I just recently re-colored my hair, but I am wondering if a lighter shade would be more fitting in light of some of my recent remarks and actions..
When I was younger, my dad would tease me about some of the air-headed things I would say and do. He would press my ear and make a hissing sound, like air was escaping my head.
It was with nothing but love, of course :)
One dinner conversation, which revolved around childhood toys, had a good one coming out of my mouth.
"Dad, did you have an erection set when you were growing up?"
Yeah, some of you might see the problem with that sentence.
It took me a minute to.
I have been known to:
- Be concerned about our cooler cover, being off the cooler, but outside on the deck in a rain storm.
- Remind Merrill to rewind the DVDs before we return them.
- Think that the "LDS" on my clothing receipts, indicates the modesty level of my clothing, likening it to my religion, instead of "Ladies".
- Attempting to turn on lights and other electronic devices despite the fact that the power is out, and I have a flashlight in hand.
- I sometimes find myself going to put things that belong in the fridge, away in the pantry, and vice versa.
- There is sometimes a need for blonde jokes to be explained to me.
I could go on.
But I already forgot the others that were there... you see, I sneezed.
These might be things that others do, but I think I am pretty silly.
Thank heavens for sewing patters. I would probably cut holes in the middle of the fabric for any given appendages' exit.

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Bonnie said...

Fun stuff, sounds familiar. Do ya think it's genetic?