Thursday, June 11, 2009

On my mind..

I met someone the other day, I knew of them, mostly by the reputation that proceeds them..
That reputation my friends, is one of a gossiper.
I personally don't say anything about another person that I haven't said, or wouldn't say to their own face.. I know how it feels.
I have had many run-ins when it comes to others, what they have said about me, or assumed. I even know a person (or two) who has actually admitted, to my face, that they had said something about me , or heard something about me , repeated it, and were apologizing for it.
I have also confronted others, tried to set things straight, when appropriate, of course.
There are still some out there whose entertainment of choice is to spew hurtful and untrue things.
Sounds sooo fun (read the sarcasm).
That is what my thoughts are usually consumed by; what things have been said or might possibly be said about me when I have recently been with someone holding this reputation.
I know that someday, everyone will have an understanding of all things, truth will be known. Some days it's hard to remember that, it hurts, and you want others to know the truth, not to believe the lies.
It will eat at me.
It will anger me.
It will make me sad.
Then, I pray.
Might sound cheesy to some, but when it consumes my life, affects my attitude and what I put-off to my own family, when I want to be happy and playful with my kids instead of having my thoughts tied up in what might be.. it is the healing agent in my life.
I pray to have it removed from my mind.
I pray to forgive.
It works every time.
Peace is awesome!
So when my tummy pudges out a little bit too much because of all the Double Stuff Oreos I've been gorging on (skim milk doesn't even begin to balance that out) or the Little Debbie snacks I am now addicted to.. and people choose to speculate, or talk about it, I am well armed :)
Speaking of the Double Stuffs, I have gotta find a new hiding place for them.
Ashley found the current hideout.
One morning while preparing scrambled eggs for breakfast, she watched as I got out the plates to dish them up on.. that is where they have been safe, in the plate cupboard.
"What are the Oreos doing in the plate fridge?" she asked.
Mentally noted, she spotted them.
The only thing these kids inhale faster than Double Stuff Oreos is the marshmallows, and only the marshmallows, from the Lucky Charms..
Seriously, they take all the good stuff..


Julie said...

Good reminder to think of others before opening our mouths. I too know what it's like to have people saying things about me that are not true and it's not fun.

Promise said...

Min...I agree! Its hard when you know people or even just one person is talking about you (especially when it isnt the truth!) I pray also...I pray FOR them. We are suppose to pray for our enemies right? =) It makes me feel better and I truly hope they are blessed in some way too!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Did someone say you looked pregnant? That happened to me last year in January. Went to church and about ten people came up to me and asked me if I was pregnant, after about the fourth time I started wondering...I think my face was bright red by the end of church! I wasn't even pregnant! =( I have learned not to listen to gossip... and heck, enjoy your double stuffed oreos! Those are my fav, and seriously I can get an entire pack of those in a day!

GRAMEE said...

you wear your heart on your sleeve..

i hope all is well ..
as for oreos
you better hide them well.. cause they find even the hardest hiding places once they know your holding out on them!!

Rachael said...

Me... I prefer the "blind sided" technique when it comes to solving problems. That way they don't know what's coming, and their shell shocked when it does happen.



BookwormMom said...

I KNOW how you feel...and prayer really does help.

Mindy said...

Emily, only my daughters have mentioned that I look like I am having another baby.. I then show them the loose skin that once held them. :)

Bonnie said...

You have just remarked on my pet peeve. I have recently been celebrating on a change in attitude in this area, so soapbox here I come! I've finally realized I can't control what others do or say. It's taken me many a year of being the one with the "heart on my sleeve" to realize what taking it personal really means. They are responsible for what they do and I am responsible for what I do. WoW happier me!

Natalie said...

You are one HOT momma!! I told you that right? I think you look great!! I have no idea what this post means...who your talking about...or what happened....once you said double stuffs...I can't concentrate...

ha ha ha