Thursday, June 4, 2009

THIS is summer..

Busy day around here today.. but it has been a fun day :)
I got the yard mowed, the garden weeded..Let me say, that next year, I will be employing the above ground method of gardening.. you know, using a barrier, perfect soil.. I have grass that is trying to cozy up to my yummy-ness.. Just let me tell you what a headache it is to pick grass blades from between my carrots (which I failed to thin out..) and the cilantro..
Lots of fun..
Our corn looks good.. if it doesn't taste good, at least I have some cute decorations for my porch this fall :)
We have tiny peppers, little broccoli starts, and green tomatoes.
The garden smells heavenly with the aroma of cilantro...
I even got a show, I am sure it was just for my benefit, from the Thunderbirds who are in town for the air show this weekend. So cool!!
My fingers are sore from all the plucking, but the break splashing around with the girls and eating ice cream cones helped to ease my pain..
I did get some cute pics.. gotta love good outdoor lighting.We hope that everyone out there is having an equally fantastic summer!!


Brooke said...

i have that exact chair... you garden looks good

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

yeah for gardens. I do not have a green thumb, I tend to kill things, but my husband is great at it and actually planted a garden this year, I'm excited about the fresh tomatos, this is the only time of year I actually like tomatoes! And I'm so jealous you planted cilantro, that is my favorite herb! Have fun enjoying the summer!

Platt Family said...

Looks like you guys are having an enjoyable summer! Don't you just love it! So fun!