Friday, June 12, 2009

I might regret this in the morning..

But knowing me, I won't.
It's my honest thoughts and feelings. :)
Merrill told me to sleep on it.
Yeah right, I'd end up getting out of bed at an insane hour to do just what I am doing now..

This post is in response to one comment in particular, that I got quite the laugh out of.. thanks for the good ab workout Rachael.
Maybe I am quick to respond as it is a subject that I am touchy about in the first place.
It has been insinuated before.
There are people who don't know my husband well. He is shy, quiet, very reserved, quite the opposite of me, not that that's a bad thing. These same people think that he has no qualities that are deserving of my love and devotion to him.. the only thing that must make him a worthy catch: money.
I am not saying he is rich.
I am not saying he is poor..
We are blessed.
We are comfortable.
So here goes...

Blogger Rachael said...

"Hind sight is alway 20/20 at least you can look back at that and say "I did make the right chose."

Now (this may be a long... shot but) if he ends up being a millionaire railroad man or CEO of Arby's you'll probably have to kick yourself.

Question: now that I think about you and Merrill's initials did you guys ever consider (at one point) giving all your kids M.P. initials?"

The answer to all of those comments/questions is NO.
Let me break it down for y'all..

Point 1- No. I don't need to look back to know I made the right choice.. I knew from the second I began dating him, it wasn't the right thing to be doing. But self-confidence (or lack thereof) is a real bugger.

Point 2- Just to make it clear that I am not a gold digger (as pictured above, notice it's not me in the picture..) I would never marry someone because of money (or lack of money) or position.

The fact that I get to stay at home has nothing to do with my husband, his job, his family's success, or the size of his paycheck. I have said in previous posts that this is what he always wanted as well, his wife to stay at home and raise his children. Just like me.
Even if my ex were somehow to become instantly wealthy, it wouldn't change the fact that he was a liar (previously stated), did not share my goals, the biggest goal being a temple marriage, which was optional to him, and a similar family plan. None of those things can be attained with money.
My breaking up with him had nothing to do with money.. well maybe it did.. he spent it even though he didn't have it, lied about it, took my paychecks to pay down his disgusting debt, but told me I would have to work, essentially for his habits.
I'd still be unhappy.
Money can't buy love.
I would rather be piss-poor and in love than rich and unhappy.
If I could expound upon the events that lined-up for Merrill and I to get together, dreams I had had, show you how things had been set in motion LONG AGO for us to be together, it would amaze you.
I have been told that it is the stuff that movies are made of.

Point 3- No, we have never thought of naming our children so their initials would be MP.
Merrill's given name isn't Merrill, it's Dixon.

I almost didn't post the comment because it was so... what are the right words...
Not thought through? Shallow? Thoughtless?
But then, I started to laugh so hard, I had to.
Hope you all enjoyed my Mindy style rant.

P.S. If you enjoyed it, leave some love.


kdance10 said...

LOVED it:) You go girl!

Brooke said...

i'm leaving lots of love! :)

Rachael said...

It's was totally written out of sarcasm... And I thought it was written well, especially for me. Usually I have more errors in there.

In a sense they were rhetorical (joking) statements. All but the last one.

I think everyone has something in their life that they can look back on and either regret it or laugh at it. My intent WAS... to make you laugh.


Emalee said...

Well Said GIRL!!! I love ya and am happy you have mer and the girls!!

mer said...

Well I am glad you won't mind being "piss-poor" because my dad has outsourced my job to someone who can do it cheaper and all my gambling debts have been call in, but on the upside they said we can keep Lynn in exchange for the house.


Six-Pack Momma said...

I dated a jerk too. A creep actually....SO glad I woke up and realized the error of my ways. For 8 months later, Randy and I were married. :0)

Merrill is a perfect match for you- a match made in Heaven. {sigh...} And you're right- money (or lack there of) is no reason to love or leave somebody. Merrill and Randy have the qualities I want my own daughters to value when searching for their eternal companion.

....And besides, your kids wouldn't be nearly as cute with chipped teeth. ;)

Randee Mayes said...

if you hadn"t married Merrill i would have gone after him. he is one hot hunk of man meat and i"ll leave my lots of love for him!!! oh by the way this is Kevin. and i do remember Ryan aswell or snaggle tooth was the more familiar pronoun but if it matters at all i like the way things worked out better than if Merrill hadn't played the part of the home wrecker.

Julie said...

I too was with someone just to have someone. Good thing we came to our senses, huh? Love ya, Min.

Promise said...

AH make me laugh! Im glad Merrill says you guys get to keep Lynn - sorry you are losing your house! We have some big boxes if you want them. =)

Im glad you got Merrill before Kev did...Kev is cute and all but you and Merrill make a much cuter couple! I never had the pleasure or meeting Ryan...I count myself blessed!